Nourish. Heal. Thrive.

A holistic approach to health & healing for women


Can you help me?

If you are a woman struggling with health issues, especially related to fertility, and you keep running into dead ends or perhaps don’t even know where to begin outside of mainstream medicine, you’ve come to the right place.  I will meet you where you are on your health journey and help you to incorporate the right herbs, whole food, and whole food supplements into your lifestyle to achieve your health goals.

My Approach

I believe that outward symptoms are a sign of inside issues.  While it can be tempting to treat symptoms, taking a whole body approach to truly get to the cause of our symptoms is what allows us to achieve not only symptom relief but also true and lasting health.

My Faith

I’m not a “pray it away” type of person, but I DO believe in the value of prayer and the healing power of God.  I believe that it is important to lean on the Lord for guidance and support in all areas of our lives, including our health. 


Do you have a whole cupboard full of supplements that didn’t work for you even though your friends or other “experts” assured you that THIS was your ticket to balanced hormones and improved fertility?  I hear you.  I was there once too.  But once I discovered a BOMBSHELL secret, everything made sense!  After getting over my resentment that nobody had told me sooner, I immediately started implementing it for my own health and started sharing with my clients.  But this is too good not to share with you too!  So I’m spilling the beans in this FREE download!

Does this stuff really work?

Absolutely! I have not only used herbs to personally heal some of my own very serious health issues, but I have also used them successfully to help my family and hundreds of clients over the past three years on their own healing journeys. Herbs can be both part of a daily healthy lifestyle and can also serve as powerful medicine. When we focus on tuning in to, nourishing, and taking care of the body that God gave us rather than fighting it, it’s amazing to watch what can happen.